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Welcome to Snappy SUPS

Paddleboarding Lessons in Taunton &
Paddleboard Hire Across the South West

Upcoming Events

  • Chill N Chat Session
    Chill N Chat Session
    Fri, 19 Jul
    19 Jul 2024, 19:15 – 20:15
    Taunton, Taunton TA1 1XJ, UK
    19 Jul 2024, 19:15 – 20:15
    Taunton, Taunton TA1 1XJ, UK
    These sessions are ran by Snappy Sups & The Goodfellas Project C.I.C They're zero pressure sessions that unite people navigating adversity with others while being a natural environment. These are also open to people who feel they have skills and little golden nuggets of experience to share.
  • "All Back the Shack" Weekly 30 Miler
    "All Back the Shack" Weekly 30 Miler
    Wed, 03 Apr
    03 Apr 2024, 08:00 – 10:20
    Taunton, 3 Riverside Pl, Taunton TA1 1UG, UK
    03 Apr 2024, 08:00 – 10:20
    Taunton, 3 Riverside Pl, Taunton TA1 1UG, UK

Book a SUP session in Taunton

Zero pressure and full of the good vibes! We're here to get you confident on the water, and to put smiles on faces! So if you've been thinking about trying paddleboarding, or if you already have a paddle board and want to develop your skills on the water, book a SUP session today!

Learn to Paddleboard in Taunton, Somerset

We're a little different, our mission is to build confident paddle boarders. So if you're looking to begin your SUP journey you're in the right place. Or if you've got your own board but realise you lack some confidence, book a session with us, we're here to develop your confidence and understanding, so your next SUP session is a game changer.

What's SUP, Dude?

Our mission is to create confident, independent paddle-boarders and keep you safe on the water

Stand Up Paddle-boarding is big time popular... unfortunately with this steep rise in popularity it's brought significant safety concerns, mainly due to the ease and accessibility of cheap SUPs from supermarkets! SUP Boards being bought en masse by people who simply don't know what they're doing and have zero awareness for the multitude of dynamic variables that come with a well planned SUP adventure.

There's a lot more to paddleboarding than equipment

A buoyancy aid is a helpful device, however it isn't going to do anything other than help keep you afloat should you enter the cold water, it won't return you back to dry land safely on its own.

Basically, to really reap the benefits of SUP life, you want to be respected in every aspect of your journey, from equipment check, to launch, to paddle, and return buzzing!

That's what we're here for!


Stand Up Paddleboard Hire
Somerset | Devon | Cornwall

Whether you're with family or among friends, arranging a corporate away day, or visiting the South-West, we can organise paddleboard hire for you.

We offer flexible SUP hire for your own adventure, so if you're visiting the South West and want to an intro session to then take a paddle board away for the day, weekend or week, get in touch today. We have paddleboards in Newquay and Hayle for self hire and offer lessons in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset & Somerset.


About Snappy SUPs

Snappy Sups is a fun and friendly paddle-board business based in the South West of England.

We provide a flexible and responsible approach for all our customers by offering a variety of SUP hire options.


We're a little different to most and our priority is to provide you with the confidence you will need to progress onwards for your own adventures.

We treat water safety as the priority, and you being confident on the water is our mission

Our intro session provides a solid foundation for you to carry forward further on your SUP journey, be that by hiring from us again at one of our South West locations at Taunton, Newquay or Hayle. 

If you're confident on a board already, simply turn up or pre book our Rock Up option at Firepool next to the bridge at Morrisons over the River Tone in Taunton. 

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