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Taunton & Somerset  
We're Reaching Out To Say Hello
Local People In Need, Military Personnel and Families, Emergency Services, NHS, Care Providers, Sports Teams, Local charities, Local Businesses, Corporate Organisations, Local Authorities, Education Providers,
Tourism Industry,... ok, ok,...everyone!!!





We’re Snappy Sup's Taunton,.... Actually we're Jase & Bailey,... a  father and son unique Paddleboard (SUP) business in Taunton Town Centre.

We’re reaching out to you and our local community, in the hope to connect and explain how we can positively enhance you and your workplace, team or organisation.

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How can we help you?


We’ve got your staff and their well-being covered.

We specialise in building confidence and putting smiles on faces.


Every member of staff should always feel their unique and independent value.


At Snappy Sups we’re able to offer an experience that has all areas of wellness covered, safely,...physically, mentally and emotionally!!!


From group team building to bespoke individual sessions, there will be a positive and low cost option available for you.

We're actually good for business, so if you're wanting a setting for a business meeting with a difference, why not ditch the suit and use us to really impress your clients.


We can also support return to work from sick leave and provide a bespoke and affordable approach for your business’s needs, in fact this is something we're extremely passionate about.


Sick leave can leave the person off work feeling isolated and undervalued, creating anxiety when it's time to return. 

We understand this, we've experienced this ourselves and can offer bespoke confidence building sessions that will your staff return feeling supported , valued and most importantly,...happy within themselves. 


Honestly, just try us, you’ll love what your staff feedback

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Team Building 


There’s no (i) in the word team they say, but there definitely are some (i) 's in the word individual.

We don’t treat everyone the same, we treat everyone as individuals… because we know that the best teams are made up of Resilient and confidant individuals,… all collectively working together, striving for the same goal. 


We provide connection and confidence building in a relaxed and informal way, which creates positive moral and togetherness and essentially leads to better productivity within the work place.

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  Individual Health

We’re extremely passionate, skilled and understanding with a holistic approach to all areas of health and we’re big on practicing mindful-ness and being present, in fact stress and wellness are, our biggest passions. 


We're very open, which is a huge strength in the modern world.

Wiith an emergency services background and past experience of exhaustion from total burnout, feeling suicidal, P.T.S.D, depression, anxiety , panic attacks, the list goes on,...we can offer a unique and tailored plan for you and your staff,... to help re-build individuals back stronger.

We're well connected with local health services and charity's

Burnout is 100% preventable, and with strong leadership, we can work with you to offer sessions designed to prevent burnout before it arrises.


The prevention of burnout will keep your staff far more productive and will save your business or organisation significant costs for sick leave.


It'll also enhance their feeling of value within the workplace.

The greater value your staff feel, the greater  their moral, productivity and performance.



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We're All Of The Things


Our River Tone is beautifully full of life, Kingfishers, Cormorant’s, Heron’s, Swan’s, Ducks, even Otters at times,… and the best part is that few people know about the life running right through our busy town centre as you’ll only see the best of it from being on the water.

To be present in a modern world full of distraction is an absolute necessity,... which is what we specialise in.



The benefits from physical activity within a natural environment are enormous, yet so easily underestimated.

Our unique activity, right in the heart of Taunton Town Center literally has all the ingredients for holistic well-ness.

Physical - A relaxed physical activity, that can be demanding too.

Mental - Focusing on learning new skills, within our natural environment collectively re- align us with being present and in the moment of NOW!!!

Emotional -  If relaxed open conversation is your thing or just being on the water in your own peaceful space,... you can choose,...we're extremely good at creating peace and contentment for all.


Confidence building


We build individual confidence from scratch, not only as paddle-boarder’s but we want people to feel confidant in who they are, and to feel valued. 

Booking sessions with us isn’t simply about learning to paddle-board, it’s about creating and developing confident people, something we’re uniquely good at and extremely proud of being able to do.




There’s few activity's that bring all of the fundamental aspects of being present together.

A session with us will bring focus on the new skill being learnt, it’ll bring relaxation from the activity with our calm natural river environment which collectively creates the ambiance of being present and in the moment,… The small things in life are the big things in life.


Stress Management 


Burnout is real, in fact this business was created on the back of the personal experience of burnout from an emergency services background.

We’re living in modern times and the demands of balancing our work/ life with high pressure isn't easy, but it shouldn't reach the point of exhaustion to make us change or implement activity's that positively help us and prevent burn out.

A certain amount of stress is good for us, but when stress turns into overwhelm,... action needs to be implemented.


No one is immune to burn out,... but few people actively work on prevention.


We can offer bespoke sessions to your staff that can prevent burnout before it happens,… and we can tailor recovery and return to work sessions to reduce your business or corporate organisations costs for sick leave.


We will work with you to build confidence back into your staff so they feel supported and valued to successfully return to work at a fraction of the cost,… Starting at just £60 

Smiles :-)

We've got these in abundance,...we'll put them on your face too. Trust Us 

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