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Stand Up Paddleboard Training

SUP Lessons in the South West


Our Paddleboarding Options in Somerset, Devon & Cornwall

Taunton, Somerset

We offer regular beginners sessions from our base at Taunton, on the river Tone. These sessions can be arranged on a one-on-one basis, as a small group, and with a combination of children and adults.



The Rest of the Westcountry

We can offer bespoke stand up paddleboard lessons, safety coaching, and even provide  you with a unique session for your business meeting, date night, marriage proposal, whatever it is, 

We'll work with you.

We cover the complete Westcountry area by prior arrangement.


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Safety & Responsibility 

Paddle boarding is a lot of fun, its incredibly good for health fitness in all forms, physically, psychologically & emotionally. 

Snappy Sups are passionate about all the above, but we need to bring to your attention the emphasis that our business places on safety. We operate with your safety at the centre of your experience by dynamic risk assessments.


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